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Types of Countertop Materials to Know Before Making Your Decision

One of the most significant aspects of house renovation for the kitchen is kitchen counters. You will jump at the chance to have an overall quite gorgeous countertop design. A well-designed countertop in the kitchen would facilitate the whole utilization of the kitchen and makes the use of it easy and convenient.

However, choosing a kitchen countertop or the materials to be exact is no easy task. With such varieties to choose from in the market, it can be quite challenging, particularly with the constantly changed of trends through times.

Hence it would be wise to do research and prepare yourself with a bit of knowledge before you start to plan out your house construction. Another approach you can choose from is by hiring an interior designer to help you in the decision-making situation so you feel more assured with a pair of expert eyes at your disposal.

How about we view at the countertop materials you can choose from that best suit to your preference!



Quartz is the most well-known preference in countertops today due to its simple upkeep and apparently ceaseless cluster of looks, from smooth and modern to choices that emulate the presence of extraordinary stone and classic marble.

Pros: It is produced using a blend of crushed quartz and resin that recreates the look of stone and it comes in a more extensive assortment of patterns and colors than natural stones. It won't stain and is highly resistant material to damage. Quartz also requires no sealing, unlike granite and other countertop materials.

Cons: A high-quality quartz can be pricier than genuine stone like rock and keeping in mind that it's a lot simpler to care for, it's not indestructible. Hot pots should, in any case, be set on a trivet to avoid burning the surface.



Even though granite has been supplanted by quartz as the most selected countertop today in-home interior design, it stays a famous choice among homeowners.

Pros: It is known to withstand heat well, scratch resistance, water splash, and other everyday wear and tear. It arrives in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes and generally, it is extremely resistant to cracks and chips. In any case, the edges have been known to chip if something heavy is dropped against it.

Cons: Unfortunately, it's that "properly sealed" part that can make individuals avoid granite. Inappropriate supervision can leave you with a recolored, scratched counter. What's more, avoid putting a hot pot legitimately on it or you risk it a revolting burn mark.


Source: ariastonegallery

It's dazzling, it's classic and a work of art, and it's commonly used in top of the line, interior decorative kitchens. Be that as it may, marble has a downside that makes it difficult to cherish for some individuals.

Pros: Marble has been well known for its sheer class and timeless looks. It can withstand up to heat well, and in light of the fact that it remains lastingly cool, it's a customary choice for pastry and baking stations.

Cons: However, it is easily stained, regardless of how much you attempt to keep it clean, and regardless of whether you seal it dependably. It's likewise a milder material, which makes it bound to scratch and chip.


Source: Google

Concrete has climbed up in prominence in the course of recent years as industrial looks have gotten trendier and progressively popular among house renovation.

Pros: Since concrete is poured and not quarried, it can look like nearly anything you need, with custom shapes, sizes, and colors. It's likewise sturdy, and both scratch and heat resistant. Since every ledge is exclusively carefully assembled, there are unlimited approaches to customize them.

Cons: Concrete is permeable, shows blunders and defects, and can easily stain. A few people prefer that in light of the fact that the progressions after some time are natural. The individuals who need their countertop looking flawless might need to settle on an item other than concrete. Indeed, even with constant sealing, moisture or oil can make the countertop look “wet”.

Once you get to know your materials better, choosing the most suitable materials for your countertop would be and easy making decision. Hopefully, the above information helps to get the countertop of your needs and happy reading!

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