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Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles

If you are working on a bathroom project in your house renovation, one of the things you have to make the selection carefully is tiling. The tiles play a big role in influencing the interior design of your bathroom. A different concept of each tile can affect your space differently. It can either make your bathroom feels smaller or larger than actual.

In the event that you've been to a tile store, you realize that it is so easy to get overwhelmed. There is by all accounts an unending choice of colors, materials, and patterns to choose from. Apart from that, another factor to be taken into consideration is choosing the materials that serve your purpose also by seeing your budget and choice.

Now all the contributing factors for decision making has been laid out, what other things can be added into the consideration? Below are a few key points that can be taken into account in choosing a bathroom tile for your house construction.


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Most common thought to people is that small space needs small tiles. But on the contrary, a bigger tile in a small space will make the bathroom feel bigger and fair in size. Although, the thought of going for this choice is expensive. Bigger tiles are increasingly costly per tile, and they will cost more to lay since their large sizes require two individuals.


One of the main spots, to begin with, is choosing what colour you need your bathroom to be. Colour can be one of the things you can enjoy and go crazy about, but be sure to choose a colour that fits into your whole interior decorative.

Lighter tiles, reflect light, and will bring about a brighter bathroom, which could be a decent choice for a small bathroom.

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Dark or darker tiles, then again, will give your bathroom a warmer, cosier feel. While picking dark tiles, it's proposed to go for a black porcelain tile since they're dark completely through, so on the off chance that they get chipped, the harm won't be excessively visible.

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Walls and Floor?

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The following question to pose is the amount of the bathroom area you need to be tiled, and what kinds of tiles you'll place in there. Tiling all the walls and floor of the bathroom will give your bathroom the best protection against water damage, and for all intents and purposes makes for an extremely solid bathroom. Be that as it may, this alternative is a costly one. In this situation, it is recommended tiling the floor and wet areas, for example, behind the sink and shower area are the best options.

A helpful trick to utilize is to tile the floor and two walls that are visible when you came into the room and the paint of the wall behind the entryway. The number of varieties of tiles you pick will rely upon the design of your bathroom. Pick one stand-out tile to pair it with a more subtle one that caught your eyes the most, the possibilities are endless.


Other tips that can be good practice for you when doing a house renovation, always take home a sample! In this case, ensure you take a tile sample home before you decide to get it. Take a look at the tile in your home, test it out in the light where it will be set. The color and look of a tile can change significantly in various spaces, and this could influence your decision-making whether the tiles suit your preference and fit into your interior decor. You can also use the sample to get help and have a consultation with your interior designer as well.

Hopefully, the above tips may serve your needs and easier to implement to your bathroom project, happy reading and all the best!

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