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Going for Scandinavian Concept

The Scandinavian concept is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality and has swept the world over with a distinct look hailed in our preferred interior design magazines and web journals. This design movement which rose during the 1950s still remains a current trend and has added appreciation towards craftsmanship and downplayed style in home interior design.

If you are going for a Scandinavian concept in one of your house renovations projects, yet you are not confident about where to start, Fuyu Dezain has prepared a few guides below for your reference on how to come up with a stunning Scandinavian interior design.


There's a specific color palette that is associated with the Scandinavian stylistic theme and this includes the hues of grays, whites, browns, and blacks. In any case, that doesn't imply that a Scandinavian home is entirely free from color, adding pop colors the furniture, and decorations make it more stand out in the white-painted walls.

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A Scandinavian living room ought to have an additionally welcoming space and this can be best accomplished by permitting a lot of light to get in. Utilizing sheer curtains or light fabric is most appropriate for the Scandinavian decor theme, permitting more lights to go into and giving the space to feel even more romantic and also spacious.

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As for furniture, clean lines are the best approach. When taking a look at sofas and chairs you can often, they're inspired by the mid-century modern design. Smooth rounded edges and tapered legs are a common characteristic of Scandinavian furnishings.

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Wood + Metal Finishing

The Scandinavian design utilizes wooden elements not only in the flooring but also in the furniture and fixtures. There is additionally a well-known pattern of bringing in metallic finishes in lighting and accent pieces. Copper and metal pendants and sconces are a method of adding shine to please a room.

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Most interior designers will know adding natural elements to your Scandinavian decorative can give impact to color and beauty in your interior space. Fresh flowers and indoor plants are of a simple way to bring the outdoors indoors.

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Hopefully, the above guide helps you to know more about the Scandinavia Concept. Should you have difficulties and need assistance in coming up with Scandinavian design for your home, you can always get help and hire an interior designer for a few professional consultations. Happy reading!

Who we are?

Fuyu Dezain Sdn Bhd is one of the interior design companies in Malaysia, based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (Klang Valley). We are specialized in residential and commercial concept design and renovation. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any inquiries.

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