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Types of Paint Finished & When To Use Them

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As an interior designers, we have to take care of every details of the space, from the overall concept to details of every inches, we must not be careless. This is also why, most of our fellow Malaysians are willing to spend money on employing professional interior designers for their lovely home. We are happy to share with you, some key points to consider when purchasing paints for your home, during the renovation period.

When it’s time to paint a room in your home, color isn’t the only thing to take into account. It is important to brainstorm for interior design ideas, as well as choosing the right interior paint finish. This will determine the final look of your room and will give a huge different for your space in terms of design and also practicality. In the past renovation for your home, you may have spent a lot of time to focus on the color and design, but have you ever put any thought into the finish or sheen of the paint itself? There are actually a basic rule of thumb when choosing the right type of interior paint finish.

There are six different finish and sheen options to choose from when buying interior paint. Each sheen can give a different looks on design and variety in durability, depending on what surface you're painting and the design concept that you're going for. Some paint finishes hide imperfections, while others highlight them. Some types of paint sheen are easily scrubbed and others will rub off. And some paint finishes can withstand lots of touching, while others should not be used in high traffic areas, so it’s important to understand the type of finish and sheen to use, when and where.

Check out the guide below to know which type of finishing is best for your interior walls, ceilings, trim and more!

We hope the above information helps. Happy reading!

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