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Have you ever think of “Where should I even begin with the house light”? Lighting playing a significant role in interior design as it emphasizes the artistic appeal and creates the mood of the living space. Light is the key element that bring up a special look and transforms it into a flawless combination of functionality and style. Here’s 2 keys principal you should look out for choosing the right lighting for your space.

1. Size and Location

Living room: Living room is the largest area in your space. Chandelier is the most common light that install in living room, this is because chandelier has arm and it helps to fill up the space.

Dining room: Dining room is usually situated light above the dining table. You can have specified a smaller chandelier or pendant light. It’s not only light up your table top yet it’s really beautiful focus point to highlight the space.

Kitchen Island: First you have to measure the size of the kitchen island, and you will know what type of fixture look best right for your need. (For smaller or square-shaped islands, look for a linear pendant or petite chandelier.)

Bedroom: Bed room are the perfect place to install a really elegant crystal chandelier layer. A chandelier highlights the bed, set the mood and makes the bedroom feel much cozzy.

Bathroom: Bathroom area are suggested to use wall light. Bathroom sconces are typically located right above the mirror or flanking both sides.

Hallways: Narrow walkway are recommended to install Flush mount, this allow you to walk right underneath without hitting the walk way and it won’t hit your head. (For narrow passages, purchase a fixture attached to the ceiling.)

2. Scale and Proportion

Have you ever walk into someone’s house, and notice that they have a really huge living room but a tiny little fixture? That’s mean the proportion of the fixture is totally off in the relation to the size of the room. Interior Design know the scale proportion is one of the most key ingredient when they come to designing your space.

Bust out those tape measure: You absolutely need to understand the size of your space and ceiling high before you get to install each individual light fixture for your space.

Let’s break down different high of ceiling,

- 8 ft ceiling: Search for a flush mount fixture will be best. (12-18 inch diameter)

- 9 ft ceiling: Search for a flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture. Semi flush mount fixture have small chain or rod that drop from the ceiling. (18-22 inch diameter)

- 10-11 ft ceiling: Consider your furniture plan below to determine how low you want your fixture installed. (22-26 inch diameter)

- 12 ft ceiling: Search for a fixture that is (30 inch minimum in diameter). The size of the light fixture would be really beautiful contrast of the high of the ceiling.

- 17 ft and above ceiling: Search for the largest fixture you can find a fill up the space. (54-72 inch in diameter is ideal)

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