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How to choose a Perfect Carpet

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Choosing a carpet can be a difficult task. As an interior designer, one must know how to choose the right carpet. Therefore, we equip ourselves with

3 important things to look at when choosing a carpet for our client and advising where to put the carpet by its color, texture, and size.

Having a carpet in the wrong color, size or texture can give the space an awkward look, as it can act as a focal point in the room, work to bring the room’s color scheme together whereas finding the right carpet will make the interior space look perfect and giving additional level of comfort. Other than that, a room without a carpet can look unfinished. But as a carpet can be quite an investment, the interior designer and/or the house owner should take a good look, beside of the beauty of the carpet, on price, quality and practicality.

Let’s get started on the guide below on how you can choose the right carpet for your space with some tips by interior designers!


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Having to know the purpose of the carpet will give you the first guidelines on choosing the right one for your interior space. For example, in the living room, you want it to be comfortable so you can also sit on the floor. It can be fluffier in the bedroom so that it will help to bring up the coziness level. An easy to clean runner in the entrance when your kids run in and out of the house all the time.

Once you set in mind on the function of the carpet you are getting for your interior space, narrowing down the choices will be easier for you and your interior designer!


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The trickiest part of choosing the right area carpet comes when it’s time to choose the color as it really does set the tone for the entire room. This can feel totally overwhelming because there are a lot of options out there for the interior designers, but it really goes back to your preferred interior style or the style proposed by your interior designer. To help you begin, we can focus on a few things which is the color of your walls, the color of your furniture, if you are decorating your interior from scratch, the carpet be the focus point in the interior space and all the rest will be chosen around the carpet, or you want it to blend in with the rest of the existing furniture and play more with different textures. In a situation where the carpet is the last item to finish the room, you have to be careful not to buy a carpet which is love on first sight, but take well in consideration of all the colors and patterns you have already in the room. We strongly advise you to consider the analysis from your interior designer, rather than consider solely base on your own preference.

A solid colored carpet, or a neutral tone will always work well and in time, when changing the sofa or colors of the wall it will be easy to find the right pieces and colors to go with it.

If you dream of having a statement carpet with a big pattern, a lot of colors and shades then you should start looking first for this piece as all the eyes will go to the carpet when entering the room. You can go bold, only to take care that it is in balance with the rest.


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Texture may not be something coming to your mind when you were thinking of buying a carpet. Once you started looking around to see what is in the market, you will discover that the choices are varies.

For example, flat woven carpets, tufted or knotted carpets, loop pile carpets, heavy structured carpets. Flat woven carpets are easy to maintain.

Natural carpets, such as sisal or sea-grass, are great in durability and especially good for high-traffic areas, and they have a great range of neutral colors. Sisal is also good flat woven option, it will give the room a more relaxed feeling.

Short pile wool carpet is the most classical carpet you can go for, it comes in different qualities and you will find options going from plain to very colorful, modern as well as classical. Be alert of the theme you are doing for your interior space, this shall help you decide on either modern or classic.

The long hairy style of carpet is perfect in the bedroom, in living room with kids it will be a hard task to keep it clean. Play with different textures in a room, comfy velvet fabric with flat woven carpet, leather with more fluffy carpet. Again, make sure it matches your interior theme.


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When choosing a carpet, you can follow your intuition for the colors, textures, pattern, but when deciding on the size it can get a bit more difficult. There are some basic rules which you can follow. A quick tip to help you is by sketching a floor plan, or have your interior designer to draw the furniture you have in the room on scale and that will give you a first idea of the size you can have.

Apart from that there are other tips you can follow such as don't buy the carpet too small as your whole interior space will look cheap. For the living room, the carpet should be longer than the sofa, the legs of the sofa and the other armchairs should be at least partly on the carpet. Now you will see that you define the living area, if not there is no link between the different items around the coffee table.



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There are two options that you can choose for your bedroom. You can take a small carpet which you put on the side of the bed, or you go for a big one which can be put under the bed partly, think of the idea that when coming out of the bed you may want to put your feet on something soft.

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In the dining room, make sure the legs of the chairs are still on the carpet when you are sitting at the table. So approximate 75 cm longer and wider than the table is an advised dimension.

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We hope the above information helps you have a better understanding in finding the perfect the carpet for your interior decoration. Happy reading!

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