Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Choosing the correct kitchen sink is one of the most important choices to make when designing your new kitchen interior. Your kitchen sink will significantly affect your everyday life, and you need your sink to stand the trial of time. There are various to choose from, such a large number of materials, shapes, and sizes, colors, and styles. On the off chance that you are uncertain of what kind of sink and how every one of them looks it will be hard to tell where to begin searching for the right kitchen sink that suits your need and fits pleasantly in your kitchen space. Perhaps the most effortless answer to your concern is to get yourself some assistance from an interior designer to simplify the choices for you.

With an expert interior designer next to you to help, food preparation, cooking, washing, and cutting are a significant task which can be proficient yet enjoyable when you have the right sink.

To begin with, we should equip ourselves in knowing the type of sink and their uses, so it will be easier for you to discuss and plan it with your interior designer or in the event that you need to look for your sinks online.

Type of Sink

1. Apron/Farmhouse Sink

This style of sink is popular at the present time. The front of the sink is exposed and ordinarily comprises of a single large basin with a cover front that can broaden away from the edge of the adjacent countertop. Farmhouse sinks are extremely profound, making it perfect for individuals who spend a lot of time cooking and baking.

These kinds of sinks are substantial and you will require a particular base cabinet and expert assistance when installing one as it will be hard to install it all by yourself.

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2. Top-mount Sink

One of the more typical sorts of sinks, this kind of bowl is anything but difficult to perceive by the edge that holds the sink set up in the countertop.

While this sort of sink is easy to install it's also common for dirt and grime to gather around the edges.

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3. Under-mount Sink

The smooth, modern look of this sink is evident. These sinks are installed under your current counter for a cleaner, smooth look. An under-mount sink is likewise perhaps the easiest style of sink to clean and is ideal for a busy family.

However, the expense to install is commonly higher as it requires some investment to introduce this sort of sink than the top-mount assortment.

Kitchen Sink Materials

With various materials, comes a variety of factors to be considered which is durability, finishing, clean-ability, value point, and aesthetic. Be sure to consult your interior designer thoroughly before deciding and sort out the most noteworthy materials that generally appropriate to your everyday uses.

1. Enamel

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· Enamel sinks with a cast-iron foundation are solid and preserving.

· Smooth, simple to clean surface.


· Very heavy – required at least two people when installing.

2. Stainless Steel

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· One of the most well-known types of sinks – making them simple to discover

· Simple to clean

· Durable

· Reasonable

· Works with numerous installation types


· Can be damaged, however, the scratches can be polished out

· Hard water spots can stain the sink

Tip: Look for sinks with a brushed satin finish. This can hide scratches and hard water spots.

3. Acrylic

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