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4 Step to find the Perfect Colour

Have you ever asked yourself “What colour should I paint my wall?”. It’s really subjective on your own personality and style. Everyone has different perspective and opinion on choosing the right colour to paint the wall and we are not telling you what is the perfect colour but is something that how you can choose the right colour and you are really going to love for your own home!

Step 1: Make an inspiration board of the room/tone that you love

Put together of Printerest and Pexel and start pining and saving tons of photos of the room that you are into it. You might don’t even know why you love them, but just save them. Create a mood board for yourself of all these spaces that you love, after you had pinned 20-30 images, have a look at your collection images, try to see where there’s common theme of the wall colour in the room that you’ve pinned. Guess what? There’s going to be 1-2 wall colours that’s you consciously really love. So you will know what are those colour that you will take it consideration.

Step 2: Choose 3-5 paint colours on chips

After finalizing the theme (based on the colour repeat in the mood board), go to your favourite paint store and look for these colours paint sheet home. You may choose 3-5 paint sheet to do comparison, bring them into the light in your own home, this is because it’s will be difference that what you see the colour in the paint store. Shortlisted 2-3 of the favourite out of those chips.

Step 3: Get the paint sample

It’s really hard to have a clear picture of your wall colour if you are just using those tiny paint chips to imagine it. What you can do is to get a sample from the paint store, and paint a small area on the wall. By doing this, you can see how the paint looks exactly in the specific room with the light. You can observe the paint colour in day and also in night, because you want to see how it looks like in your space at all the time a day. The reason why we doing this test is to check the paint colour, paint colour can totally change depending on the light in the room and whether it’s just sunlight or home lights, also the surface/scale of the wall could totally change the paint colour looks.

Step 4: Paint it!

After you have done all those observation and finalization, you can finally narrow down your favourite paint colour out of those colours. The final step is to PAINT it!

Tips of the day:

- Choose a little bit lighter of the colour that you think you are going to need. This is because once the paint bounces of the wall of each other, it will look a little darker that you anticipated.

- If you don’t want to look for a juvenile style, try add a little bit of grey tone in the colour you wanted.

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