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10 Ways to Bring Natural Elements into Your Interiors

The ability to bring nature into your home has been an ambition that homeowners have strives for over the centuries. For generations humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space. In recent years the growing awareness of the dwindling of the Earth’s resources have made it even more apparent that bringing nature into our homes is essential as it is a design aesthetic we can’t duplicate. If you have been trying to think of inspiring ways to bring the outdoors into your home, take a look at these 10 ideas for bringing nature & organically inspired elements into your interiors.

1. Choosing natural elements that make you feel at peace

One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and to natural elements that are living or decor that was living such as wood, cotton, leather and seagrass to name a few. Choosing materials that resonate with your personal style is the first step for bringing them into your home. One homeowner may enjoy the rugged nature of natural rock walls in their kitchen – while another may prefer the more sophisticated flair of dark mahogany flooring in their living room. Choose natural elements that incorporate your style and connect you to your interiors.

2. Brick as a backdrop or as a focal point

In the early years of brick making the natural process of using mud, clay and water and firing it at high temperatures to produce a solid and sturdy building component material were born. Today in modern design the appeal of brick is untouched by many materials. Its uniformity in pattern makes a gorgeous backdrop for urban lofts as well as adds texture and color to any room. Choose to leave brick in its natural state as a focal point or paint over brick to use it as a subtle backdrop to showcase its reveals.

3. Wood as a finish has the ability to transform your mind and soul

For many homeowner’s wood is one of the only materials that can be finished to look like shiny marble or can be left raw and unstained to reveal its gorgeous imperfections of knots and grains. Bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials and comes in a variety of finishes, species and applications. From flooring to ceiling beams wood also can be reclaimed and refinished from older buildings to keep its life sustainability ongoing for years in your home.

4. Natural wood furniture reveals craftsmanship at its finest

Wood furniture is one of the most popular as it is durable, beautiful and wood can be finished in any way imaginable. Look to artisan crafted furniture if you prefer a rustic and country appeal to your interiors, or look to antique wood bedroom and living furniture to bring back the nostalgia of early turn of the century home living. If your interiors prefer a contemporary appeal, wood furniture with minimal lines that is free from ornamentation can create show-stopping appeal in your kitchen bar stools or in your sleek headboard in your bedroom.

5. The new trend of bringing nature to every room of your home

While bringing natural finishes into your home isn’t a new concept. The concept of bringing nature to every room of your interiors is a game changer for many homeowners. Whether you look to organic sheets and bedding in your bedroom adorned with birds and rustic leaves or you enjoy a bubbling Zen fountain in your home office, nature can find itself into any space of your life. Design your room around what makes you emotionally charged, excited, calmed or soothed and feel how nature plays a role in your interiors.

6. Natural materials in your bathroom sanctuary

Is there any room in the house that you love to relax & get rejuvenated for the new day than your bathroom? Connecting your body to water and heat can transport your mind and soul to serenity and calmness. There is no better way to complete your bathroom sanctuary than with natural materials. Wood walls like this bathroom are inspired by a dry heat sauna, while the minimal lines of the fixtures and natural daylighting are ideal for creating that one-of-a-kind bathing experience with nature.

7. Sustainability never looked as good in your home

With the reemergence of green living and conserving the Earth’s precious resources there has been a renewed interest in homeowners finding building products that have been recycled and used in new ways, reclaimed from other building projects or repurposed into new functions. From old wood railroad ties being used in ceiling support beams to give a rustic appeal to your room to lumber yards supplying contractors and builders with reclaimed and locally sourced wood products – think of these ideas when remodeling your home.

8. Floral inspiration doesn’t have to be artificial

Do you remember when the only greenery you used to see in people’s homes were artificial and usually covered with a thin layer of dust! These days nature is finding its way into more and more interiors in the real and natural state as flowers, potted plants such as succulents have created easy ways to bring natural appeal to your dining room table, coffee side table or front foyer table. In the past the upkeep of tending to houseplants was looked at as a chore. Today, planting indoor bulbs, or keeping low maintenance plants such as succulents, cactus, or just adorning your home office desk with a fresh bouquet can instantly cheer up any room.

9. Bring in natural sunlight as a design element

One of the easiest, cheapest and most beautiful natural elements that many forget about is sunlight. Natural daylighting can make any room come alive, it makes colors pop in your furnishings and wall decor and it makes humans feel healthy and inspired. Whether you use windows, borrowed light from solar tubes extended from your roof into closets or dark bathrooms, natural light can have an effect like no other throughout your living interiors.

10. Natural elements for every home remodeling budget

Many homeowners complain that natural materials are expensive and tend to ditch the idea of using it in their home remodeling projects. Instead of scrapping the idea why not use less of it? An accent stone wall can be just as gorgeous as an entire room adorned with the same product. If natural materials are still out of your remodeling budget why not try veneer products? Pre-engineered, laminates and veneer stone applications offer the look of nature without the high cost. While these may not work in every application, look to a home design specialist to help you price out materials that will make a natural design statement!

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